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Members of Faculty in social work deparment

Song LinFei, Distinguished Professor

Feng ZiaoTian, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D

Zhang LiFu,  Professor,  Ph.D

Zhai Jin, Lecturer, Ph.D

Ma JiQian, Associate Professor, Ph.D

Yao XingLiang, Associate Professor, Ph.D

Liu YuLan, Associate Professor, Ph.D

Wang LingPing, Lecturer, Ph.D

Wang ZhanGuo, Lecturer, Ph.D

Li HongFang, Lecturer, M.A

Wang GuoChong, Lecturer, M.A

Shang Jingping, Lecturer, M.A

Li XiangJian, Lecturer, Ph.D

Liang YanHong, profession mentor

Wu HanShen, profession mentor


Members of Faculty in  Department of Public Affairs

Pu YuZhong, Professor M.A

Rui GuoQiang, Professor Ph.D

Ma JiQian, Associate Professor, Ph.D

Zhou JiLiang, deputy researcher,  Ph.D

Wang JianHui, Ph,D

Zou HaiYan, Deputy researcher, Ph.D

Members of Faculty in Higher Education Institute

Gong Fang,  Distinguished Professor

Mao Rong, Distinguished Professor

Xu GaoMing, researcher, Ph.D

Jing Guo, assistant Researcher, Ph.D